Basic Safety and Security Training

Colorful characters get people excited about mandatory training

Our client was proud of their new framework that established rules to keep their thousands of employees safe. To get everyone up to speed, all employees had to participate in mandatory safety & security training. But based on past experience, our client knew that motivation to take this type of training seriously was mixed. They asked for our help to create a training program that grabbed people’s attention and delivered lessons they wouldn’t forget. 

“You don’t understand anything until you learn it more than one way.”
Marvin Minsky

The solution

We created an eight-part course that covered all the relevant safety & security topics. The stars of the show were animated characters bursting with personality that represented the different risks employees faced, like fire and theft. The little rascals caused all sorts of problems for the human host who was there to guide learners through the course. Each part featured a mix of films that set up the importance of the topic and digital exercises to get people engage with the content.


The results

Employees were pleasantly surprised to find mandatory safety & security training could be not only informative – but fun! Our client saw employees get more engaged in the topics than before and have more active discussions about the right way to do things. Getting employees to care about safety & security was a major win since the rules only work when people understand and follow them.

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