The on-demand induction experience

An automated micro-learning program

An international industrial client needed to update their onboarding process. The old way was to bring as many new hires as possible to Sweden and give them a mountain of information via classroom sessions. This consumed a lot of resources and had only limited availability. They needed a modern way to offer every new hire a dynamic induction experience on-demand. It was also key to capture the human side of joining the team and make each person feel thrilled to be here. 

The solution

We created a micro-learning induction program driven by an automated sequence of text messages. New hires get small nuggets of content on a regular basis delivered to their phone, starting with a short, friendly video message from a big boss. The short info bursts lead to a central learning hub where the user can look into more topics at their own pace. There is a wide range of content on the hub, from an interactive sales film where you have to answer a customer’s demands, in-depth e-learnings, a high-speed tour through the main office filled with surprises, inspiring messages from your new colleagues and real-world challenges. All the content is presented in a light, fun, modern package.


The results

The new induction experience led to much higher engagement among new hires. The onboarding process is now more integrated into the flow of work rather than taking large chunks of time out of work tasks. And since the induction process runs itself once started, it is instantly available to all new hires, so no more waiting for an invite to the next session in Sweden. Other departments saw the success of the new program and decided it was time to update their approach, too. 

Other cases