Voices of innovation


Tetra Pak is a company founded on innovation; and they are committed to use the power of innovation to lead the change towards sustainability. They have introduced a new collaborative innovation model with leading paperboard producers, universities, startups and partners, aimed at tackling the food industry’s sustainability challenges. The traditional operating model of a linear chain has changed, and a new partnership ecosystem model is emerging, where the entire industry works in close collaboration. Some of these collaborations has been ongoing for a long time behind the scenes, but now was the time for Tetra Pak to launch the stories of their innovation and sustainability development work to the world!



The purpose

The purpose of the launch was to ensure Tetra Pak is keeping seen at the forefront of innovation, for existing and potential customers, partners and future employees. A branding exercise with a strong desire to emphasise their deep commitment to innovation and sustainability.



A playlist of several videos in different creative formats ranging from animated ‘doodle’ films, recorded ‘partner’ videos to documentary style videos from behind the doors of the labs where the future of food is being shaped.