The 5 Moments of Need Designer Certificate

There has never been a more challenging time for organizational learning. With most employees now working and learning remotely, L&D teams are tasked with creating impactful virtual learning that results in peak workforce performance.

The 5 Moments of Need® is an instructional design methodology proven to enable your workforce to do more for less.


Improve your workforce performance

Deliver a 30% – 50% reduction in traditional classroom instruction time and get a significant increase in digital resources available to employees while they work – anywhere. In this course you will get certified and learn how to conduct rapid workflow analysis, critical skills analysis, map the workflow, make a learning and experience plan, develop a digital coach prototype and a targeted learning prototype.

An instructional design approach that addresses all 5 moments of learning need

The 5 moments of need methodology is grounded in the science of limited human memory and the reality that most of our learning is done while working on the task at hand.

The results of the designing process can be described as a “flipped classroom”, where employees spend more time learning while doing the job and a lot less time disrupting the flow of work to attend traditional classroom or online training.


When learning something for the first time.


When people are expanding the breadth and depth of what they have learned.



When people have to act upon what they have learned.


When they have to solve a problem or resolve an issue because things don’t work the way they should.


When people have to learn new ways of doing something which requires them to change/adapt deeply intergrained practices.

Agenda & Pricing

Cycle 1:
Foundation Principles

Gather Session: 24/10 13:00-16:00

Office Hours: 07/11 13:00-14:00

Review Session: 14/11 13:00-15:00

Total Est Participant Time

8.5 h hours

Cycle 2:
Map the Workflow

Gather Session: 21/11 13:00-16:00

Office Hours: 28/11 13:00-14:00

Review Session: 05/12 13:00-15:00

Total Est Participant Time

8.5 h hours

Cycle 3:
Identify Supporting
Knowledge and Determine Impact

Gather Session: 12/12 13:00-16:00

Office Hours: 19/12 13:00-14:00

Review Session: 09/01 13:00-15:00

Total Est Participant Time

8.5 h hours

Cycle 4:
Prove the Performance Support Concept

Gather Session: 16/01 13:00-16:00

Office Hours: 23/01 13:00-14:00

Review Session: 30/01 13:00-15:00

Total Est Participant Time

8.5 h hours

Cycle 5:
Create the Learning Experience

Gather Session: 05/03 13:00-16:00

Office Hours: 12/03 13:00-14:00

Review Session: 19/03 13:00-15:00

Total Est Participant Time

8.5 h hours

19 995 SEK per participant

Discounts are available for groups of more than 5