Alfa Laval Twin Screw Launch Campaign

Beautiful 3D animation introduces beautiful new technology

A new type of pump called the twin screw was growing in demand. The technology was exceptional at pumping chunky or sensitive products without damaging them. Not only that, the twin screw could pump cleaning agents at high speeds, giving customers one pump to cover two jobs. For years, Alfa Laval didn’t make a twin screw pump of their own and had to buy them from third party suppliers. But once they were finished designing the best Twin Screw pump on the market, they wanted people to know about it. 

The solution

We created a launch film that shows the beautiful duality of the Alfa Laval Twin Screw Pump. With striking side-by-side images and 3D animation, we gave customers an inside look at what makes the Alfa Laval Twin Screw superior to the competition. 

We also created roll-ups, web banners, a brochure and digital and print ads to make sure the market got one, clear message no matter the context. 


The results

Alfa Laval had another hit product on their hands. With the word out and buzz drummed up, the orders starting flowing in as gracefully and yoghurt through a Twin Screw pump. 

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