The Health Coach

Change communication tools to improve the health consiousness in the organization


A few years ago, sick rates were very high and the costs, both in terms of human suffering and in terms of costs, troublesome. The Norwegian Post decided to support a healthy lifestyle in a healthy work environment. Health problems pose a big risk in several professions. A healthy attitude can help employees to improve their situation. Feeling good at work and in life leads to better results. It started with a group-wide program of health promotion activities.

Symbal solution

Symbal created a set of change communication tools to improve the health consiousness in the organization. E-learning with movies, interactive self-diagnosis and finally challenged participants to carry out activities in their daily lives. It includes exercise, food, rest and social interaction. Group dialogue modules with a focus on discussing health and set common goals for the group. Mobile health app to steer and monitor individual change.


No Norwegian company has in recent years implemented major change like Posten Norge. Their objective is to be the best mail and logistics company in the Nordic region. A lot of investments and effort have been put in to increase employee satisfaction and reduce sick leave. This has payed off very well. Sickness rates have been lowered from 9.2 to 6.8% since 2006, Posten Norge has earned about 60 million, and society 222 million NOK. Symbal solutions are now playing the role of lowering this even more and at the same time increase employee satisfaction.

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