Change Communication

Symbal delivers the means for dialogue and communication, relying on effective methodology. We create content that inspires, help facilitate the dialogue and produce guides for those who lead the conversation, and we train them to excel.

1. Prepare and plan to dress for success

Our project leaders and consultants collectively have decades of experience helping companies and public organizations succeed at change. To be honest, they’re pretty big change nerds. They’re skilled facilitators who use creative methods to get groups to pull in the same direction, both online and in the physical space.

2. Create awareness to make hearts beat in anticipation

You need two things to get people to feel, and understand the direction of change: Your why story about the attractive future where the change will lead and the reasons behind it. Your explanations about what the change means to the business, customers and people.

3. Create interest and a feeling of security & commitment

Help people to onboard the change journey with both brain and heart. Initiate and own the dialogue – Do not hand over the initiative to the grapevines. Take command in both the digital and physical space. And most important trim communication channel no 1 – Leadership is key to change. Give them the upper hand by providing them the means to communicate and shine as leaders.

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We’ve boiled down 20 years of change experience into a book that gives you a framework for planning, preparing and executing efficient change communication.