Symbal Communication

Learning new and more

To reach your goal of change you need to build and/or improve capabilities, to learn new, more and to re-learn.

Learning content creation

We have a full-scale creative learning studio with film producers, learning designers, writers, illustrators, animators and programmers.

How we work with learning

We work with our customers in different ways, depending on your needs, resources, technology and in-house capabilities. We use solid methods and trust our tried and true process to reach the desired outcome.

  • Do-it-for-you
  • Do-it-with-you
  • You-do-it

Learning Architecture

Our senior experts have decades of experience in developing corporate learning and managing academies. We can help you navigate both pedagogical methods and learning culture.

Film breathes life into learning

We have a full-scale creative learning studio with film producers, learning designers, writers, illustrators, animators and programmers.

“Incredibly happy with the sales support & learning app we created together. Everyone who uses it thinks it is absolutely fantastic! I am convinced that if there is one single thing that will help AL reach increased sales, it is “our” app. We had the ambition to do something really good. And it turned out just as damn good!”

Alfa Laval

“We are super happy with the entire project. The solution has given us control over the training efforts of 50,000 employees worldwide. We have had the opportunity to monitor the quality of each individual site. Those who have worked as local implementation manager have also had control. We have also used the statistics in the training portal as a basis when we have decided on the closure of the respective country projects.”

International Furniture Company

Overall Satisfaction: I would recommend Symbal to a colleague, 4,8 (max 5,0).

Tetra Pak Global Supplier Management Review 2021

Symbal uses the 5 Moments of Need® Method

5 Moments of Need® is a framework for gaining and sustaining effective on-the-job performance of employees and work teams

More in our toolbox

Worklflow learning

We help you support people to learn in the flow of work, and ultimately to change and perform better.

Change communication

We help you inspire and involve people through cutting-edge communication.

Our learning experts

Gunilla Sandgren

Senior Project Manager
+46 70 963 24 65

Karolina Ellfors

Senior Project Manager
+46 72 584 48 00

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