Taking control of GDPR

An interactive film quest injects fun into complex legislation

The General Data Protection Regulation, better known as GDPR, swept down like a whirlwind. The legislation set down strict rules for using personal data and harsh penalties for getting it wrong.

Understanding the rules was especially challenging for big international companies who needed to collect loads of data every day. One such big international company came us to help get their employees up to speed on the most important aspects of GDPR and motivated to change their routines.

The solution

So, how do you make sure everyone understands dry legislation? With interactive films based on old-school side-scrolling video games, of course! We created five films that each took a GDPR topic and turned it into a gamified adventure, complete with spritely characters and throwback music. The choices employees had to make in the films were based on tricky real-life data handling situations. When they got it wrong, bad things happened to their sweet little character. But when they got everything right, victory was theirs.


The results

Turning the core messages in an action-oriented game helped make the key lessons stick. It also toned down the fear of this complex legislation and its potential punishments by presenting the rules with humour and making the key actions clear.