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We love to talk about change (for the better) and to create opportunities for knowledge sharing 

What better way of doing this than through seminars? We regularly host webinars to give you the opportunity to join the dialogue between us and industry experts. We invite a variety of guests and discuss change, communication, and learning with them. All of our webinars are free, and you can watch them at any time by signing up below.

Learning in the workflow at Manufacturing Companies

Online seminar with Alfred Remmits, CEO of Xprtise and Anders Bergelin, Co-founder at Symbal, where they discussed the many ways in which we can support employees of manufacturing companies with knowledge right in their workflow. 

Structuring communication in a changing world

Knowing that up to 70% of change initiatives fail – how do we inspire, energise, and move people to overcome barriers to change? In this seminar we’ve invited Sara Ahlberg, Lisa-Marie Teubler and Gisela Bosco from MKB Fastighets.

How can we communicate effectively?

What moves people and what can help us overcome barriers? These questions are crucial to any communicator, but especially to change communicators.

The power of gamification

Listen to a discussion about gamification, why it is effective, and also learn about some real-life examples from organizations who apply gamification as a strategic tool in their L&D arsenal.

The role of the communication function for the ability to change

What role does or should the central communication function have in increasing the organisations ability to change? Listen to Helén Knutsson, Communication Manager
at Region Skåne.

Workflow learning: Enabling The 5 Moments of Need

We will discuss the methodology behind Workflow Learning (learning while doing), and how it can help us have a different level of conversation with those we serve— while helping us influence the effectiveness of the business in remarkable ways.

Rhetorics and change communication [swe]

What does the basic rhetorical concepts mean for the change process? What can we who practice change communication learn from ancient thinkers? Follow the conversation with Lisa-Marie Teubler, Learning Designer at Symbal.

Crisis communication [swe]

How should management respond if a company falls into crisis? What is the role of communication in crisis management? Listen to our conversation with Maria Ekstrand, an experienced crisis communicator.

Behavioural design [swe]

What is behavioural design and how can you use it to drive change? How can you implement behavioural design as a concept and practice? Follow the conversation with the organizational psychologist Johan Lundberg.

Change management in a global organization [swe]

What are the challenges and what does a change management expert offer to companies? How does change management work in practice? Follow the conversation with Britt Bergfors change management expert at IKEA.

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Pick our brain – Symbal Insights

Step into our world of communication and learning for reaching true change. As a company with many different areas of expertise, we also have different areas of insights that we want to share with you. Maybe, you’re looking for specific advice, checking in to get updated on the latest trends, or maybe you want to deep dive into our change communication methodology?