Alfa Laval ThinkTop Launch Campaign

A message from the future takes the market by storm

Alfa Laval had a brilliant product called ThinkTop to automate valve operation. But while ThinkTop was known for its quality and reliability, it was also known to be complicated and time-consuming to setup and maintain. Competitors jumped in and offered simpler valve automation solutions. Enter the next generation of ThinkTop – as reliable as ever but now drastically simplified to use. Alfa Laval knew they had a winning product but they needed to make customers understand the new ThinkTop was about to change the game.

The solution

We created a product launch film with a futuristic twist. The visuals and messages make it clear that ThinkTop is superior to the competition. We also created five mini films in the same style to highlight various product features and benefits. We made sure the message got out to everyone with other materials like roll-ups, a mini-brochure, web banners and both physical and digital ads.

The launch also included internal communication and learning to ensure Alfa Laval employees had all the right answers to customer questions and were able to maximise the attention gained by the campaign.


The results

The campaign and the product were a hit. Sales figures surged past goals and the market never looked back. ThinkTop had ushered in a whole new way to control valves.

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