Hire a change booster

You have the knowledge and the vision. But is your team lacking that one person who will drive your initiative to success? Our skilled change specialists inject momentum into your journey from strategy to execution. We have a range of specialists to meet different needs, short or long-term. Get to know them below.

The Change Implementer

When you need an everyday guide and leader for your change journey who will grapple with the details to ensure a smooth transition.


“Right now, I’m plotting out and managing all the activities for a global IT rollout – exciting and challenging!” – Anders Bergelin


The Communication Leader

When you need to create and implement a comprehensive change communication strategy, fostering clear and impactful messaging from start to finish.


“Our client’s program is all about shifting routines. I’m helping drive behavioral change with strategic and creative communication.” – Sara Ahlberg


The Learning Leader

When you need to create and implement a structured learning journey, enabling individuals and teams to acquire the skills and knowledge to adapt to a new reality.


“I’m helping a client plan training activities and develop knowledge-sharing materials for employees around the world.” – Sofia Tingestedt


The Change Facilitator

When you need to power up your team with analysis, change know-how, idea generation and faster decision-making. This frees up valuable time to accomplish your goals. You concentrate on content while we manage the process.

“Symbal’s facilitators have dived deep into our world and guide us with clarity and creativity. Our work together is consistently engaging, educational and insightful.” – CEO of an international manufacturer.


Assemble your own change
task force

When one expert isn’t enough, mix and match your own change team.

That could be one specialist to work on strategy, a project leader to run daily operations, and communication and learning leaders to implement real behavioral change. It all depends on your needs.



Our specialists are here to support you through every step of your change journey

Over the years we have developed a model that can support your complete journey. There are 5 important communication steps that will ensure you take everyone with you on the change journey: Prepare & plan, awareness, interest, trial and adoption.