Empowering sustainability!

Our mission is to bridge the gap between decision-makers and those who can truly make a difference in sustainable development – your people. Turning words and dreams into reality happens when individuals see the direct impact on their daily lives and understand how they can actively participate.

Bridging the gap from strategy to the workplace

Achieving genuine contributions in the workplace and embracing a future guided by your vision is possible.

Challenge, inspire and support behavioral change with our change communication toolkit and creators, turn your sustainability goals into practical actions through a proven process.

Let us help you bring about sustainable change!

Through Symbal, we have succeeded in raising awareness of the sustainability goals internally by communicating in a new and more engaging way. What we have done feels concrete, down-to-earth and genuine. With vision film, information and educational material, the level of knowledge has been raised and more people have become involved. The interest is today at a completely different level than before.”

Catharina Björkman, Marketing Manager at Contura, 2023

Case: Contura – sustainabilty ambitions made easy

We support Contura, leading manufacturer of wood-burning stoves, to realize their vision of taking responsibility for climate, people and the environment.

The goal was to engage both employees and customers in the company’s journey towards a sustainable future. Each individual should feel a personal connection to Contura’s sustainability ambitions and be motivated to participate in the journey.

Together, a new guiding principle was formulated that reflects Contura’s values and goals. We created a message house that forms the basis and developed a communicative platform to spread the company’s intentions and ambitions to employees, customers and the labor market.