We are the change optimists

Symbal is a ragtag collection of experts in change theory, strategic communication, creative production and modern learning design. We all have one thing in common: we believe in change for the better.


Change communication specialists

Our project leaders and consultants collectively have decades of experience helping companies and public organizations succeed at change. To be honest, they’re pretty big change nerds. They’re skilled facilitators who use creative methods to get groups to pull in the same direction, both online and in the physical space.


Learning designers

What does it really take to not just learn new skills but put them to use in your reality? That’s the obsession of our learning designers. We challenge standard learning approaches and meet your people on their terms to create solutions that are as relevant as possible. Since we’re technology independent, we help you select the best learning tech for you. Our customers always buy the technology from someone else – but often ask us first.


Concept creators

Our creatives have made their way to Symbal from both the agency-side and client-side. That means you get big ideas grounded in your reality. We get to know everything about you and lead the creative work in workshops. Digital, physical or both, we are fluent in creative processes. How about an intensive sprint where you go from need to concept in a few days?

Strategic concept development at Symbal

Listen to our 2 minute podcast, where Petter explains more about the role


Storytellers and filmmakers

Our full-service film studio is filled with experienced trailblazers who have seen it all and a new generation who put the latest techniques and technology to use. We can make you look like the expert you are on film, create vibrant animated worlds, bring out the drama with memorable characters, and more. Our writers and producers can do everything from telling an engaging story, making people shine in front of the camera, to leading live global broadcasts. Want to see for yourself? Take a look at our showreel.