Symbal Communication

We believe in the power of communication and learning for successful change

We support our customers to make change happen faster while maintaining productivity 

We’ve been leaders in change communication since 2003. With a unique mix of guidance, communication, learning and performance support, we’ll get your entire organisation on board and ready for the future that lies ahead!

Change communication

We help you inspire and involve people through cutting-edge communication.

Learning new & more

We help you build new and better abilities for change through education and learning.

Worklflow learning

We help people learn in the flow of work to implement new skills and perform better.

Let us help you with the change curve

The 5 Moments of Need Designer Certificate

Improve your workforce performance and get certified. This course introduces you to an instructional design approach that addresses all 5 moments of learning need. 

Start 1 february.

Wow your audience with film

We’ve made about every type of storytelling and educational film you can think of. Use film to bring your vision of the future to life, get up-close with reality, demonstrate new technology and inspire people to change.

We broadcast global online streams and run international film productions from our full service studio in the heart of Malmö or from wherever you are. Learn more.

Monthly webinars 

Sign up to watch the replay of our latest webinars.

Structuring communication in a changing world

Knowing that up to 70% of change initiatives fail – how do we inspire, energise, and move people to overcome barriers to change?  In this seminar we’ve invited Sara Ahlberg, Lisa-Marie Teubler and Gisela Bosco from MKB Fastighets.

How can we communicate effectively?

What moves people and what can help us overcome barriers? These questions are crucial to any communicator, but especially to change communicators.
Guest: Erik Modig.

The power of gamification

Listen to a discussion about gamification, why it is effective, and also learn about some real-life examples from organizations who apply gamification as a strategic tool in their L&D arsenal.

Our mission is to ensure our customers' change initiatives succeed. Here are some we’ve helped so far.

What is change communication?

Read our introduction to the change communication and learning model for efficient change.

Want to talk?

Anders Bergelin

Sales Manager
+46 70 845 62 52

Sara Ahlberg

Senior Change Communication Creator
+46 73 232 36 01

Peter Gustafson

+46 70 845 62 62

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