The Automation Showroom

A 360° experience for customers everywhere

A major international business invested big money in a showroom where customers could experience the wonders of automation. It was a hit with everyone who made the trip to Sweden. But our client wanted customers to share this experience from anywhere in the world. As you know, rooms are pretty much stuck in one place. So, we set out to use digital technology to recreate the experience to as large an extent as possible.

The solution

We created a 360° tour of the showroom and its content. Normally, a regular old human guides guests and explains the different exhibits and interactive displays. We turned the guide into a hologram and placed him in the 360° environment where he explains the key aspects of automation and all the possibilities and benefits it unlocks. Other digitized contents included a simulated production run and a projected light show.  


The results

The 360° showroom generated lots of buzz and made a lasting impression with customers around the world who otherwise never would have gotten to see the showroom. It also generated a lot of internal buzz with other departments soon asking us to create 360° experiences for them, too.

Other cases