Knowing Höganäs

“Our colleagues around the world are saying this is just what they needed.

Furthermore, by filming at all major facilities we have created a sense of belonging and acknowledged that all parts of Höganäs are equally important.”
Ulrika Rask Lindholm – Group communications manager, Höganäs.


Customer issue

We only hire great people who strive to push their ideas into fruition by outmuscling and outhustling the competition. Talk less, do more and you will be rewarded. To make things that people care about. We were founded on this principle and we will always be commited to it.

Symbal solution

Symbal started by interviewing managers and specialists to identify areas that needed extra attention. Based on those insights, we created a comprehensive e-learning program: Knowing Höganäs. The program covers seven key areas leaders need to know about – from the specifics of the company’s business strategy to intangibles like the company’s soul.

Using proven pedagogical techniques, Knowing Höganäs clarifies what’s expected of leaders and gets them engaged with interactive content and self-assessment exercises. But the real jewel of the program is the film content. Symbal sent film teams around the world to gather stories of Höganäs employees overcoming challenges. By hearing real stories of the right way to do things, the lessons make the leap from theory to reality.


Knowing Höganäs is now being rolled out across four continents. From China to America and points in between, employees get the same crash course in what it means to be a leader at Höganäs. And just as important, getting the on-the-ground, personal perspective of colleagues is helping bridge the geographic gap and create a sense of unity across borders.